Pair of small bronze and porcelains candlesticks

Late XVIIIth . Wiesbaden , marked Hochst on the Main , today Frankfort ,Germany

The two small statues represent “Perrette et le pot au lait” , from a fairy tale by Jean de la Fontaine. The young peasant brings a pot of milk to the market, and she dreams to sell it and get rich. But the pot falls and all the dreams fade.

A young nobleman is ready to comfort and console her.

The two porcelains are marked with the wheel of Mainz and the crown , Hoschst on the Main that was a ceramics factory at the begining of eighteenth then after middle of eighteenth they produced porcelains where we can find the Meissen influence, with romantic subjects and light pastels colors.

Gilt bronzes.

H. : 19 x 23 cm

Base :12 x 10 cm

Mark : the wheel of Bagonza , with the crown. Hochst sul Meno (Wiesenbaden)

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